Ode to the Blonde Jogging Girl


Oh, my Blonde Jogging Girl!
How smoothly you do run!

For nigh on five – no six! – years now
In every race you’ve won!

Maybe not in chip time;
Or sprinting past your foes;

But in my heart you break the tape
And win, and place, and show!


I may not know your name
Or travel in your crowd

But when I see you jogging,
There is no rain or cloud!

Your pony tail, it spirals;
Your legs, they dash and leap;

If only you would slow your pace
You’d see I’m not a creep!


Your endurance is impressive
And your face so fine and fair

I long to run aside you
Oh, the miles that we could share!

Instead you curtly nod your head;
Two ships passing in the trees

I love you Blonde Jogging Girl
You’re the cracker to my cheese!

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