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Odds and Ends

It’s time to let ole’ Teddy vent a bit. It won’t hurt, and it’ll be over soon, I promise. Let’s start with this one: P-Diddy wants to be James Bond I thought about it for a bit, and came up … Continue reading

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What Your Car Says About You

While it’s true that generalizations aren’t immutable law, it’s fun to associate cars with their owners. I find myself accurately discerning a person’s disposition by judging their car – even without bumpersticker clues. In today’s post, we’ll explore the tendency … Continue reading

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Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave

July 4, 1776. Members of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, a document full of more bluster and whining than any preceding quasi-legal statement in the history of civilization. Why did they sign it? Well, our grade school … Continue reading

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