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Fuck the Olympics

Sadly, Olympic fever has once again gripped an otherwise reasonable city and turned it upside down. This time, the cheapened whore is London. Now, some of you may point out that I’ve never had much love for London, and that’s … Continue reading

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At the Fucking Movies

I really love movies. I love ’em so much, I sometimes call them “film”, like a snob. But I don’t go to the movies anymore. Once in a great while, a friend will cajole me into going, and I’ll go. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Technology What-The-Fucks

In no certain order, here are 10 things in modern technology that drive me nuts. Most importantly, these are all things that someone, somewhere, should have said, “This is a really bad idea and we should remedy this ASAP.” Of … Continue reading

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