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Real Estate Words

I’ve always had a healthy skepticism of words that real estate people use in their marketing. Hell, I’m skeptical of everything everyone uses in their marketing. It’s in my nature. I don’t mean to denigrate the livelihoods of real estate … Continue reading

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The Great Sun Jester

In 1968, a prosecution began in Brighton, England against a poet named Bill Butler. His crime: publishing poetry and literature. In a stunning turn of events, the poet was found guilty, publicly destroyed, and later died from his injuries. William … Continue reading

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Ada, or Ardor

I recently read Nabakov’s “Ada (or Ardor)” and I feel compelled to discuss it. I’m sure thousands of English lit students have dissected this dense cheesecake since its publication in 1969, making me a mere snowball in the avalanche. But … Continue reading

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