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Is Optical Media Dead?

When Apple released the MacBook Air in 2008, there was a very curious omission in the design: the computer had no optical drive. No CD, no DVD. Sure, you could opt to purchase an external CD/DVD drive, but by purposefully … Continue reading

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Bad Design

There’s plenty of bad design out there. There’s plenty of ergonomic what-the-fucks. The “tear here to open” that rips apart. The child-safety cap that requires the patience of Job and the strength of a gorilla to open. Today I’d like … Continue reading

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Digital Samsara

This post isn’t about the psychedelic trance composers Digital Samsara (although if you dig that kind of thing, they really are the best). This post is about samsara in the digital age. And by samsara I refer to the Hindu … Continue reading

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