Don’t Tase Me, Bilbo!

At the recent Coachella music festival, a guy dressed as a wizard decided it was best to strip naked and walk around stoned out of his gourd. The cops disagreed. Read the story and watch the video here.

You’ll notice that this guy’s dick is very VERY small. So small that it makes MY dick look big. Please just absorb how small this guy’s dick is, let it roll around in your head a bit, then move on with me to the bigger picture.

Watching this video, I’m torn between the two synopses that viewers will take away:

1) These cops were way too brutal.
2) That guy was being a douchebag and ignoring every single thing the cops said.

So, viewer response has polarized between the “fuck tha police state” crowd and the “cops are just doing their job” crowd. Intellectually, I’m about 90% “fuck tha police state” crowd on this one. These cops had ample opportunity to defuse this situation without having to taser the guy in the belly, the neck and the base of his spine. This wasn’t perp control; this was violent punishment for disobediance, plain and simple.

These cops do not deserve to be armed law enforcers. They belong on the JV football coaching staff. Fuck these po-lice.

Yet, as a person who attended live music events, I have many times secretly wished that some big, violent group of thugs would walk up to some pirouetting naked hippie moron and just taser the fuck out of him. Don’t get me wrong: I think people have a right to get really high, walk around naked and be stupid. I really do. But since I personally find that kind of behavior irritating, I often wish the irritation would go away.

It’s the curse of living in a free society. Nobody wants to put up with irritating, stupid people. But we must. We don’t have to embrace them and it’s OK to criticize them. It’s even OK to wish that a piano would land on their heads and kill them.

What we can’t do, however, is trust the state to “use its best judgment” in dropping those pianos.

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