Check out our New Look!

We’ve got a new look!

Well, we had some technical issues here at Our WordPress build was not compatible with our host’s outdated PHP server. The host graciously moved us to a new compatible server, but doing so broke the website.

Before I went crying to their support team, I did some stuff in the background. Actually, I did a LOT of stuff in the background. It was still broken. In the end, it was my outdated WordPress theme (known as K2) causing the ongoing issue. It’s very old. So I picked a new WordPress theme.

Things now look a bit different after 11 years(!) of the same look.

In the process, I lost my old header image and hastily created a new one. I’m still looking for the original image. I may get lucky.

In the mean time, thanks for reading my blog. In a WWW where 99% of visitors visit .000001% of websites, the fact that you graced mine is very much appreciated.

Comments are still blocked. Sorry about that. The volume of WordPress comment spam and chicanery is too much for me to handle. You can still send me emails if you so desire.

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