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Why Marketing Experts Are Useless

Behold the latest CD from Henk Lubberding. Henk’s soulful, environmentally-conscious music has touched thousands of people, and now his latest album is ready for your pine-floored livingroom. Henk covers everything from traditional bluegrass at a folksy tempo to melancholic guitar … Continue reading

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Fudgie Speaks!

Oh, man. I’m so glad that idiot left the house long enough for me to vent on his stupid webpage. Yes, STUPID. As in “leaving the login password cached in the browser” stupid. But that’s typical. Don’t get me wrong … Continue reading

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Things About Me

I got one of those annoying tags making the rounds on Facebook. Since I have been less than forthcoming about who I really am on this site, I figured this was an opportunity to open up to my readership. Hopefully … Continue reading

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