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My Biggest Peeve

This is Meridian. It’s Bellingham’s ugly, crappy “strip mall” hell. Unfortunately, I work in an office park in this area. I hate it. I honestly believe this car-centric, wasteful, ugly, shitty form of development is a harbinger of the end … Continue reading

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Good Kitty!

I like dogs. But I just don’t want to live with dogs. It’s a practical thing. The smell, the mess, the destruction, the noise. For me, they outweigh the pluses: a true buddy, a travelin’ pal, a little brother. Instead, … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Perhaps the greatest joy of atheism is the reclamation of Sunday. No more waking up at 7:30am to get all scrubbed and dressed for church. No more playing nicey-nice with Beautiful People despite a hangover that would have killed a … Continue reading

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