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So anyway, I’m a big fan of Mike Leigh. He’s the British director of films like “Happy-Go-Lucky”, “Vera Drake”, and “Secrets & Lies”. His early movies usually centered on working-class families and the tragedy of the British “stiff upper lip”. … Continue reading

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Who the Hell is Gaius Rabirius Postumus?

In 2016, I visited Rome for a week. On a sunny Sunday, I rented a bike to ride the Via Appia Antica, or the Appian Way. This ancient road has led into Rome for 2,400 years. Untold drovers, farmers, soldiers, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Boring Thing

When you’re young, anything short of a bikini-clad supermodel firing off an RPG into a Lamborghini is ultra-boring. Everything from your food (blue fruit roll-ups) to your clothes (yellow trousers) to your music (anything that rattles windows) has to be … Continue reading

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